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    Byrd Leavell oversees the Publishing department at leading global talent and entertainment company UTA.

    He recently began working with Chip and Joanna Gaines, two of today’s most successful authors. He also set up a deal between Flatiron Books and iHeartMedia, marking the first-ever imprint deal for a line of podcast-based books between a major book publisher & podcast network. The first title, Stuff You Should Know, published in November and was a major bestseller. There are seven more books to follow.



    Leavell joined UTA from his own literary agency, Waxman Leavell Literary (now Waxman Literary), where he oversaw publishing dozens of bestsellers.

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    I'm available for Pro Bono work in D.C. and Philadelphia area.  

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    September 3, 2021
    Byrd Leavell oversees the publishing department at UTA, a leading global talent and entertainment company. He is based in the New York office and represents clients including Tiffany Haddish, Don Lemon, Constance Wu, Ali Velshi, and many more. Leavell joined UTA from his own literary agency,...
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